We are known as one of the best SEO service in Vietnam . Daily, we help our partners gain many potential traffics through Search Engine to their website. Our partners know what we are doing every day by our weekly reports


Initial Website Analytics

We will review the whole website of our partners in order to know how healthy their website is. “Which includes, host speed, Whether or not they have 404 page, H1 H2 Tag, Description Tag, What type of website is (PHP, Wordpress, ASP.NET, etc)”.

Optimize Onpage

Optmize website’s structure, Tackle Code issues, Intergrate Google Analytics to website, Meta, URL, Keywords density, direct Google bot & users, etc

Content Development

Develop contents’ strategy , updates content frequency. We will train your employees understand deeply about Google SEO & Write articles based on SEO method

Build Backlinks

Develop & build natural links to website (Forum, Other Websites, Blogs, Facebook, Etc)


Strongly impelement Facebook & Google Plus to Website (Social traffics)

Google Ads Solution (Adwords & GDN)

Optimize website management, standardize banners on website


1. Review SEO the whole website

  • a. Analyze website based on intelligent calculated measure (Speed host, Google Analytics, etc)
  • b. Competitors Analyze
  • c. Keywords Building
  • d. Build Timeline Execution
  • e. Budget Analyze

2. Onpage Optimize

  • a. Direct Google Bot
  • b. Direct users
  • c. Tackle Meta Tag based on Google SEO Reccomendation
  • d. Tackle unfriendly URLs
  • e. Tackle keywords Density on Google
  • f. Tackle internal links building to achieve the best results
  • g. Tackle the contents visibility, improve the sales conversion for partners
  • h. Tackles out external links
  • i. Sitemap Optimization
  • j. Monitor the Site indicators after optimization

3. Contents development:

  • a. Develop contents based on website’s characteristics
  • b. Attack important keywords into new contents
  • c. Optimize keywords from old contents
  • d. Improve the update capability of website to Search Engine
  • e. Consult to gain enormous traffics from events
  • f. Training employees in order to write contents based on SEO
  • g. Consult how to develop website’s content

4. Optimize, build the system tool in order to support SEO

  • a. Optimize current tools
  • b. Build new tools to improve the effectiveness of work

5. Link Building

  • a. Build natural links (From website, Forum, Blog, Facebooks, etc)
  • b. Create anchor text, alt tag for linked images
  • c. DO NOT USE links spam, nofollow

6. Tackle the change of Google algorithm

  • a. Analyze & Predict the change from Google Ranking & Google algorithm
  • b. Tackle & resolve the banned websites (Google)

7. Consult SEO service for social :

  • a. Give idea & orienate contents for Facebook fanpage
  • b. Improve the numbers of like on Facebook Page (Through Ads, Unique Contents, Facebooks Events, Mini Game, etc)
  • c. Improve the traffics from Youtube (Build the whole Youtube channers for you, put the right keywords on Youtube Video Description, Build links on Youtube Video in order to direct viewers to go back to your website, etc

8. Consults Paid Ads (Adwords, GDN Banners, Facebook Ads)

  • a. Manage the Ads Campaign for partners (Retargeting to partners’ exact customers)
  • b. Standardize Ads Banners