Reviewed backlink

Reviewed backlink

Thứ hai, 13/04/2015 | 13:58

Google has just announced one new post on Google Webmaster Blog about backlink and issues related to the review backlink.Google answered some common questions of all websites by reviewing a number of recommendations, which was discussed in Google Webmaster forum. Here we have simplified the questions and answers, convenient for your monitor.

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When can send a request to reconsider?

If the site has any violation of the principle of quality of Google, or if it has been violated in the past, the site is subject to Google's webspam, it will prevent web pages displayed in search results. To overcome this, the website should definitely delete all spam messages on the web and nothing of violating the principles of quality anymore. Once all that was done, can immediately file a petition for reconsideration. For more information about violations and quality guidelines can be found in Google Webmaster Tool.

May submit a request to reconsider if the website think the website is affected by the change of the algorithm?

According to Google, request reconsideration only for sites that have been affected by the actions spam. Even if your site is affected by the change of the algorithm, but no notice about the Google webspam not create conditions for this website send request reconsideration. But in any case, if the website owner is not sure about the change or by changing algorithms or spam act, may file a petition for reconsideration.

How to know the quality of the backlink 1 site?

In webmaster tools Google has one section to link to your site. This page is very helpful in pointing out the number of internal links. Google recommends the use of the links, website owners can consider the sample towards the common problems that you can solve. Spam in the comment, post on the forum created automatically, advertising with the pass pagerank backlinks links are not natural and it may be related to issues of quality violations. For example, singling can see in Google Webmaster Forum.

How to clean a backlink profile has bad?

Redefining all backlink then remove it or nofollow it. Then use the Disavow Links, cleaning all the remaining unnatural links. Google recommends using domain extensions for complex structured URL, spam sites, sites with content gibberish and low-quality sites (sites with valuable content editor ). For more information, read our article about mistakes to avoid when using tools Disavow.

Website owners need to provide much information?

A detailed brochure with a request to reconsider shows clear efforts of webmasters in restoring the site and help Google determine which sites to investigate better. If the site includes links 1 and 1 shared documents, make sure that everyone is sharing will see the link.

How long to process requests reconsideration?

All requests review is done by hand. Action webspam be investigated and processed by Google. Replies will be provided in a timely manner, normally a few days. However, since the amount requested reconsideration change over time (increase), Google can not guarantee complete schedule 1 requirements.

The results can occur with one request to review what?

When a request for review has been submitted, the webmaster will receive automatic notification 1 on confirmation of Google webmaster tools. Not long after that, when the request has been processed, Google will send another notice to the webmaster know the results of the request. Key messages are sent in messages 1 of 2 possibilities: one is done manually revoked or 2 is still a violation of Google's quality guidelines.