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- ngày 13/04/2015
On 6th February 2014, Google rolled out another refresh of Page layout algo targeting websites which is still showing too many ads above the fold section and have too little or almost no content at the above fold. If you are seeing a drop in your search engine traffic after 6th Feb 14, you should check if your website have too many ads. If yes, you should work on placing the ads below fold. Do read the complete post to learn how you can optimise your website to avoid too many ads alto penalty

- ngày 13/04/2015
Google has just announced one new post on Google Webmaster Blog about backlink and issues related to the review backlink.Google answered some common questions of all websites by reviewing a number of recommendations, which was discussed in Google Webmaster forum. Here we have simplified the questions and answers, convenient for your monitor.


Initial Website Analytics
We will review the whole website of our partners in order to know how healthy their website is. “Which includes, host speed, Whether or not they have 404 page, H1 H2 Tag, Description Tag, What type of website is (PHP, Wordpress, ASP.NET, etc)”
Onpage Optimization
Optmize website’s structure, Tackle Code issues, Intergrate Google Analytics to website, Meta, URL, Keywords density, direct Google bot & users, etc
Content Development
Develop contents’ strategy , updates content frequency. We will train your employees understand deeply about Google SEO & Write articles based on SEO method
Build Backlinks
Develop & build natural links (Blogs, forums, Facebook, etc)
Strongly impelement Facebook & Google Plus to Website (Social traffics)
Google Ads (Adwords & GDN)
Optimize website’s management, standardize banners on website