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Welcome to SEO SCCOM
In order to gain many benefits from SEO, website owners have to put a lot of effort into website's development. The conventional bussiness are daily replaced by Online Marketing Bussiness. In addtion, Online Marketing Bussiness have built a strong loyal customers base from Google Search's visits. You - A bussiness owner only has two choice: "Take it or leave it to other competitiors".

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What is SEO ?
What is SEO ? | ABBREVIATION : SEO - Is a collection of methodology in order to improve the ranking of websites in the Search Results (The most popular Search Engine nowadays is Google, others are Bing, Baidu, etc). The methodology includes website optimization & website's contents improvement
Strategic Advisory
Consult comprehensive product development strategy, which strengthens the quality of the product as well as brand’s awareness
Onpage & Offpage Optimization for all pages of the site. Search Engine Optimization in order to increase traffic to websites from Search Engine
The Product
Strategic Advisory to build website’s contents based on distinctive products’ characteristic, integrate Google Search on new content standards. Furthermore, we consult to get more traffics from unexpected events.
SC has a team of more than 50 SEO experts  with nearly 10 years experience in the industry.
Our SEO Process
Market (Competitors) Analysis
Products Analysis 
Traffic KPI (Visits to Website) Analysis
Implement SEO.
SEO is the cheapest method to generate traffic (visits to website), compared to other conventional marketing methods. Furthermore, If you don't put more money into SEO, the visits to website will not lost, but still be stable & natural. 

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Latest information about seo technology - online marketing
On 6th February 2014, Google rolled out another refresh of Page layout algo targeting websites which is still showing too many ads above the fold section and have too little or almost no content at the above fold. If you are seeing a drop in your search engine traffic after 6th Feb 14, you should check if your website have too many ads. If yes, you should work on placing the ads below fold. Do read the complete post to learn how you can optimise your website to avoid too many ads alto penalty
Google has just announced one new post on Google Webmaster Blog about backlink and issues related to the review backlink.Google answered some common questions of all websites by reviewing a number of recommendations, which was discussed in Google Webmaster forum. Here we have simplified the questions and answers, convenient for your monitor.
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